The C2C Podcast: Why Community Is The New Marketing

EP64: Recreating Events to be Memorable & Incredible Online w/ Bitwise Industries

Episode Summary

Coworking spaces were one of the communities hit hardest by COVID-19 leaving them to completely reinvent almost everything about their business and community. Our guest today, Sal Lucatero, was put to the test when it came to finding ways to still add value to members who could no longer attend their in-person C2C events. He adapted their NPLH festival to be completely virtual with creative workarounds like sending food from vendors, having a dance party virtually, adding in interaction that possible online. These things actually ADDED to the experience instead of taking it strictly online, making the event a huge success. Who is this episode great for? In-person community events, mid-stage community leaders, B2B communities What’s the biggest takeaway? Don’t just put your existing C2C events online, how can you add to the experience? Is there a way to send food or other items to attendees? Can you involve more engagement through things like polls and breakout rooms? Can you invite a DJ or other musician? Re-think every aspect of your event to find ways to make it stand out in a sea of zoom events.